zaterdag 18 februari 2012

2012 Is Inner Peace the answer to life?

"May inner peace flow wherever it is needed and specially to those of us who fear our parents and so it is." (quote from spiritual person)

"This is an example of the ineffective bullshit way spiritual people handle what they refuse to take responsibility for and what they refuse to understand and investigate and what they refuse to confront to stop.

This type of allowances will hold us captive to the ego as consciousness forever unless we confront our self deception and bring an end to this through a dedicated practical real self transformation through self honest self forgiveness to make sure the accumulative effect of part in the world is always what is best for all and that we realize we must expect the same from all other beings or we will be the slaves to their whims and believes and abuses through allowing it. We have been warned throughout time that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children and thus upon the world, but under the disguise of love we do nothing to stop the spread of sin as social disease making love a social disease as well. Remember – self honesty is the most difficult thing you will ever face as it will be your own self deception as the part you play in the mess as civilization that you will confront and must change if you ever want to become a real living being." ~ Bernard Poolman

‘Inner peace’, ‘awareness’, ‘the power of now’, ‘mindfulness’ attained through meditation or various exercises seems to be today’s answer to the apparent ‘unrest’, stress and negative/unpleasant inner experiences that the human being faces – and millions of beings gladly accept this as ‘the ultimate answer’, often even going as far as believing that the entire world will transform according to their ‘inner peaceful experience’ or that they will, through generating certain energies of love/positivity/peace, transcend this ‘earthly plane’ like Jesus to reach/obtain/attain ‘heaven’.

I must admit that I actually believed this as well – I use to be very much ‘into’ generating energy, expecting/believing/hoping that the energy will truly ‘lift me up’ and allow me to ‘amalgamate’ with the universe as pure love (which is how I understood ‘the universe’, based on various books I read and things I heard from ‘spiritual people), because that is what it felt like on the inside. On the inside through energy it felt as though I could go ‘higher’ and ‘greater’, and I really was experiencing ‘love’ and ‘compassion’ as these ‘energy waves’ that would flow through me, and it really did feel as though I could ‘send out’ these ‘love vibrations’ to others in the world – so therefore I believed that I could really change the world this way, I believed that I would reach ‘heaven’ this way as that is what it FELT like.

However there was also a part of me, waaay down within me, that was aware that what I was doing was not actually ‘real’. what do I mean with ‘real’? Sure the energy was ‘good’ and ‘nice’ and ‘positive’ and stuff, though I could see if I was really honest with myself that this was not REAL, because it was energetic experiences that I had been creating myself – I was doing all of it and I was merely experiencing my own self-created ‘vibrations’ of ‘love energy’, so what I was experiencing was myself though within denial and without the realization that it was in fact myself that I was experiencing. I basically pretended through believing that this energy that I was experiencing was ‘the universe’ or ‘something greater than myself’ – all the while evoking the energetic experience myself from the starting point of my desire to ‘experience a greater power’.

Through a process of applying self forgiveness within self-honesty – I could face myself in this, confront myself as what I had been allowing myself to participate in, which is the pretense that these energetic experiences that were ‘flowing over/through me’ where from a ‘greater source’ and not simply created by myself, because I WANTED to believe/feel/experience that there was in fact ‘something greater than myself’.

“Remember – self honesty is the most difficult thing you will ever face as it will be your own self deception as the part you play in the mess as civilization that you will confront and must change if you ever want to become a real living being.”

Indeed, facing/confronting myself is not easy – to stand in the face of myself and the liar/self-deceiver that I had become was not easy, though for the first time I could see that this is REAL. I actually realized that everything that gives me a ‘positive’/’nice’ feeling about myself or the world, is always self-created by me deliberately to not face myself as the world in fact and to be able to believe and get lost in this experience of ‘some greater power/entity’, while that which is REAL has got nothing to do with how I feel, let alone the positive feelings. In fact, I saw how I had been blatantly ignoring/suppressing/denying that which is actually real within existing in these self-evoked experiences of ‘love’, ’positivity’ and ‘peace’ wherein it feels/seems as though I have power over the world through my ‘vibrations’.

I realized that the energetic experiences of ‘love’, ‘peace’, ‘harmony’ and ‘positivity’ are of Ego – as they only serve the ‘peace of mind’ that is actually all self-directed by desiring a certain experience. My personal desires of how I would like/want to experience myself actually have no place in the REAL world, because in the real world I am actually not the center most important point of the universe – I exist HERE along side with all of existence that is HERE.

And all this ‘love’, ‘peace’ and ‘positivity’ has got nothing to do with actual caring for existence because it is all still based on ‘inner experiences’ based on personal preference and desires – therefore with love, peace, understanding and positive vibrations we will never truly change the world into an actual heaven for all living beings. Because if we’re not even willing to face our self-deception and to realize our responsibility towards ourselves as who we are here and how we experience ourselves by believing that ‘a greater power’ is making me experience this energy, then how could we possibly take responsibility for all life that exist here.

It takes guts, time and effort to investigate ourselves and the world as what is really going on here – and to stop the ego that we have allowed ourselves to become so that we my stand up as actual living beings within and as what is REAL, one and equal with reality.

And frankly, if we’re really honest with ourselves – it would be an illusion/lie to believe that change (inner as well as outer) will happen through good feelings because if we have a look at this world and at our own past, it is clear that we have made a mess of it. Therefore it should be common sense that we first have to walk backwards through the mess to face what we have created as our own life and this world, forgive ourselves for what we have created and then correct ourselves to make sure that we never create it again. And that is what it means to truly take responsibility.

If you are ready to get real and face yourself as existence, then Desteni is the place where you will find the necessary support and tools to get started on your process of walking backwards through self-forgiveness within self-honesty.

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