donderdag 16 februari 2012

2012 Do we have Sex, or does Sex have us?

"Sex has become the very point, the very purpose, the very reason that exist within a human being to continue existing and living and walking within this world and this reality - it is sex that defines who you are as a human being and what you're doing in this world and this reality, whether having a family, having a job, traveling the world, participating in your religions, spiritualities, movements -- everything is driven by Sex."

"And we're going to show you exactly how and why through and within the 'What is Sex?' interviews - 'what is it that makes and drives human beings to be who they are?', 'what is it within us that is giving us that experience of 'being alive'?'"

~ Sunette Spies

The 'What is Sex?' interviews made by Sunette Spies is absolutely the most thorough, specific and radically eye-opening interviews that I have ever heard about the concept of 'Sex' - which, let's face it, is a concept we just can't seem to get enough of.

She has taken the time and effort to investigate the point of Sex, the entire existence of Sex, through asking the questions that no one in the history of mankind has ever asked - going beyond science and what is generally accepted as apparent 'research' into the 'what is Sex?' question.

She has discovered that Sex is in fact the most important aspect of the human beings' existence and experience in this world, even the very answer to life's most existential questions that our 'great' philosophers have been bending and cracking their heads over for aeons of time.

It is fascinating that Sex plays such a vital (in a very literal sense) role in not only our lives as human beings, but all life on this planet - all is birthed and created through Sex. And yet it seems that all humanity, and specifically those in power in this world which is religion, education and government, have been doing throughout history is to cover up Sex and sexuality, to a certain extent pretending that it doesn't exist and to even take it so far as to judge it as 'bad', 'impure' and 'sinful'.

And through time we have been tacitly accepting this way of living, which is in essence when really having a look at reality quite absurd if not completely insane - because it allowed us to 'evolve' to a point in time where sex and sexuality has become this perverted, 'back-door', secretive part of our reality as reflected in pornography in all its many different 'styles' and 'gradations' that are the 'image and likeness' of what exist in the Human Being's 'secret mind' as what they/we all secretly want/desire/demand.

Sunette Spies has conducted elaborate 'interdimensional research' - which is research and investigation into the very structures that make up reality as who we are here, pulling everything apart of who we believe ourselves to be and what we believe reality to be, to present us with this fascinating and magnificent Interview Series that has a serious look at this intriguing question of 'What is Sex?' in all it's various dimensions.

This Interview Series is exclusively available at the Eqafe Online Store:

What is Sex? - Introduction

What is Sex? - Part 7

What is Sex? - Part 8

What is Sex? - Part 9

What is Sex? - Part 10

What is Sex - Introducing the Relationship-System - Part 11

What is Sex - The Primary and Sub Relationship-Systems of Mind and Sex - Part 12

What is Sex - Relationship Profiling - Part 13

What is Sex - How we create Relationship Profiles - Part 14

And for those who are still not convinced - here is a free interview that she made as an overview of what to expect within the 'What is Sex?' Interview Series. Enjoy!

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