vrijdag 10 februari 2012

A Remarkable Interview by an Atlantean female through the Interdimensional Portal

"Atlantis -- The untold History -- (Exclusive) -- Atlantis"

This is a very remarkable interview that I have come across - it is an interview made by an Atlantean female -- yes, from the (former) existence of the Atlantean race, of which there are many theories, books written, investigations made, etcetera...

Now, what is remarkable about this interview is that the being in this interview is simply sharing her story, without any 'airy-fairy', glorified, spiritualist, positive message/tone/underscore about it. It is actually quite down-to-earth, as simply someone sharing their story, regardless of who is listening. In this point lies the great difference with this 'interdimensional portal' and other 'channels' and 'mediums' that 'channel' a being from 'the afterlife' or wherever - because this specific being is not trying to convince anyone of any kind of message, quite unlike the angels, guides and spiritual beings that are often being channeled through 'regular' channels in this world.

I found this interview very pleasant to hear and listen to, as it allowed me to be able to consider placing myself in the shoes of this being for a moment - which is fascinating and interesting as she is an Atlantean, of which I obviously had this image/idea within my mind of a 'mythical creature' that cannot actually possibly be 'real', according to how I have always experienced 'reality' to be. So, because she (as the Atlantean being in this interview is a female) wasn't using specific 'positive' terms/words to pervade her 'message' but was rather simply sharing her story of her life - I could easily see myself in her shoes and consider how I would be and experience myself in that kind of existence when Atlantis was a reality if I were there.

I quite enjoyed listening to this being speaking due to its down-to-earth nature, wherein I did not get the feeling that this being is somehow 'greater' or 'more' or 'superior' than me just because she is 'an Atlantean', but I could see that it doesn't matter how you define yourself, what your name is, how you look, when, where or how you existed and in what form, in essence we are all equal in experience, in existence. And that is the point that I have always seemed to have been missing when hearing the channelings of the 'typical' channels in this world - as the beings that usually get channeled seem to always be sending out some sort of message to the world, wherein it seems as though they are already placing humanity in an inferior position as apparently 'in need of guidance' and then providing the apparent 'guidance'/'answer' - and within that I get the feeling that they are in some way 'untouchable', like an 'angel' or a 'God' that cannot be questioned and is apparently ultimately better than us 'mere mortals'.

So, this is definately an interview worth checking out for all those who are interested in hearing a refreshing perspective/story/view on what Atlantis was like and what 'being an Atlantean' was like.

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