dinsdag 29 november 2011

2011 No more worrying about how to pay rent or heating bills - Life in an EMS

We've come to believe that the stress, fear and anxiety that a lot of people experience at the end of the month because they barely have enough money to pay all their bills, is normal. 'it's just a part of life' - there are some that live a life of luxury who never have to experience this kind of fear and then there are those that are poor who have to worry about this stuff every day, and apparently that's 'just the way life is', apparently that's acceptable.

We actually believe that this reality of the 'haves' and the 'have nots' is normal, it's how it has always been so it's how it must be, as if it's been designed by God for some crazy reason and therefore apparently we mustn't touch it. It's fascinating that often the poorest people will turn to God and speak about God a lot, to constantly and continuously imprint the idea within themselves and others that 'God wanted me to be poor and to have a shit life, so i shall not question him' - as they are obviously desperate for some kind of divine reason for their fucked up situation. Because, if not for God wanting to test or punish them, why are they here? Why have they been born into this hell?

The sad truth is however that not God but human beings have designed and created this reality - and by reality I mean the money system that we know today as the 'Capitalist system'. Because if one were to look at reality and what determines whether you exist in heaven or in hell, one would see that that is in fact money, which is a human creation. We human beings are the creators of hell on earth as the money system - no wonder that people go out looking for a God to 'take them to heaven', as this world is quite an unpleasant place to live due to the extensive fears that we all experience - as the fear of not surviving, the fear of not having money.

So for a lot of people, living in this world means constant stress, because they have their money on their minds all of the time - and no matter how much they work, the money that they earn never seems to be enough. And those people who do have enough money, also worry and fear that someday they may not have enough.

How will this change in an Equal Money System? In terms of having to pay rent or heating bills for instance - a roof over your head and heating in the winter are basic necessities that every human being needs to live a dignified life, and therefore they will unconditionally be provided for. Whether or not you have a home and heating will no longer depend on the money that you have, or if you've worked enough - in the current system it seems that human beings have to prove themselves 'worthy' of having a home and heating, by working and earning money, and even still there are people who work all day and do the best they can, but they still can't seem to make enough money to pay for everything and to apparently be deemed 'worthy'. This is a completely dysfunctional and disturbed way of living that is based on the principle that apparently man is born in sin and must now within this life pay to be able to live and earn the 'right' to life through labor. This was by the way also what the communist system was all about.

There has never been any system within the human society that considered life as worthy and valuable in itself, you always had to work and earn money first to then pay for your 'right to live', to be able to survive and 'the system' was something that was apparently 'greater' or 'more' than the human being itself and the human being had to work for the system instead of the other way around. So now, within the EMS we first and foremost look at the point of 'what does everyone practically need to be able to live a decent life?' and then we look at how we can make this a reality by using the money system as the EMS wherein we want to make sure that life is as comfortable and supportive as possible for everyone.

Worrying about paying bills and stress concerning money will no longer exist in an EMS because you are not 'on your own' to survive anymore - you exist in a system that cares and that takes care of all of us equally.

For more information about an Equal Money System, check out www.equalmoney.org

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