woensdag 16 november 2011

2011 Can I pass money on to my children? - Equal Money FAQ

No - because have a look at this question, it is coming from the current state of mind wherein parents constantly fear for and worry about the survival of their children in this reality, because the current system does not unconditionally support each living being in the world.

There is always the fear of 'falling without', of losing money, and the fear of 'my children not having enough money to survive and live a dignified, comfortable life'. So motivated by this fear, parents and grandparents will start hoarding and saving money like crazy, to pass it all on to their children when they die, so they can feel assured that the child is being taken care of in this world.

Believe it or not, but this fear will exist no more in an Equal Money System - these worries about money and the future that we've gotten so accustomed to will have ceased to exist, because each and every being that is born into this world will be unconditionally provided for and supported. So from that perspective, the perspective of money and survival as 'the future', saving and hoarding up money won't be necessary anymore.

There will be a conscription system in place - wherein each being will have to work for 4 to 6 years, as what is required to get our basic necessities met. One can still work after that of course, though not from the perspective of 'getting'/'earning' more than another because that would only come from the starting point of desiring to in some way feel 'better' or 'more powerful' than others. What we have today is that people will deliberately work a lot to earn a lot more money than other people so they can use that money to control all other beings, because that is the nature of money in the current system - a tool of power and control that puts some in the position of 'master' and others in the position of 'slave'.

In the Equal Money System, if one wishes to work more then it will be within the realization of contributing to the system of what is best for all, which is working within and as the expression of gratitude as in being grateful for life and for the life-supporting system that is here that would not be possible without the equal contribution of all - instead of wanting to work more from the starting point of abusing the beings in the system (which is pretty much the basic design of our current monetary system - the enabling of abuse).

Also a house, which is part of the basic necessities for every human being to live in dignity in this world, will not have to be passed on to the children through means of a will - it will happen automatically because the basic principle of the EMS is that each being has the right to a roof over their head.

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