maandag 7 november 2011

2011 And God created Ritual Slaughtering

And God created the Ritual Slaughtering of an animal to be accepted into the kingdom of heaven. For example, in the Islamic Religion an animal that is deemed 'Halal' is slaughtered to remember some story about the Prophet Ibrahim that is written in the Koran. On this day almost every muslim family in the world slaughters an animal - without sedation as this is not 'Halal' - because it is tradition and because apparently they will not be sentenced to hell by Allah on Judgment Day.

Also on the seventh day after a child is born, a ritual slaughtering of an animal takes place - to apparently create a connection with God and to thank God for the blessing of the child.

What is 'Halal' and what is not 'Halal', meaning 'the right way' - is pondered and discussed and decided by a Muslim Council of theologists - which often results in speculation for example not sedating the animal before it is slaughtered is something of which they 'believe' is 'Halal' (the right way) because 'the Prophet did not sedate the animals that he sacrificed' - so, just to make sure they get into heaven, the animals will not be sedated before their throats get cut open.

Now, realizing that this is going on in the world - wherein human beings are simply slaughtering animals for no apparent reason but the belief that it will 'bring them closer to God' and 'God will love them if they do this' - leads one to question what kind of a God this is that would allow the blind killing of His creation as earth and the animal kingdom by Human Beings as beings who believe that they are 'Gods special children' and therefore they can abuse all of existence.

Would it not be more common sense that when someone who has participated in the ritual murder/slaughtering of animals wherein they were only considering gaining their personal little place in heaven next to God, not even really seeing what it is that they are doing unto another living being - when they die and get to Heaven and there they meet God, that instead of God saying 'well done' and padding them on the head, God would tell the being to stop and look behind them to the earth that they have left behind and that they have created, wherein they did nothing but abuse God's Creation, blindly following some belief as a tradition because of some words that were written by some guys in a book once.

God would ask 'Why the Fuck did you not sort out the shit on earth?', 'Why did you not create Heaven on earth, as this is your responsibility as the image and likeness of God?' - then he'd say 'now you're dead and all you've done when you were alive is allow life to be abused, raped, killed and consumed and you did nothing to stop it, you did not take care of my creation as the Custodian of Earth that you were supposed to be', 'you were a selfish bastard, who was only ever thinking about his own ass somewhere in some heaven that you will now never get to experience as your chance to in fact create heaven on earth has passed'.

It's time we as human beings living here on this earth together, start looking at the hell that we have been creating in our search for a private, personal heaven - not realizing that heaven can only exist if and when all of life exist in heaven, as heaven on earth. This is common sense - after all what kind of a God would allow a being to experience a personal, separate heaven while the rest of existence is suffering - except for a fake God who is only after separation as Power.

We do not accept fake Gods anymore - we stand up as all of existence as what is HERE, real. We stand as/for an Equal Money System, that will ensure the practical implementation of the 'Kingdom of Heaven' here on Earth, so all may live in Heaven on Earth, as how it was always supposed to be.

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