woensdag 9 november 2011

2011 The Deception of Feminism

Women seem to be so proud of 'feminism' -proud of the fact that they yelled and struggled and 'revolted' and burned their bra's to gain equal rights to the man in this society. As if all of a sudden the woman has become more powerful than she was so many years ago - when she was apparently suppressed by the man because she could not participate in this world of systems such as politics and economics as capitalism.

So now the objective of 'feminism' is to get as many women as there are men in political and economic structures, to have female corporate executives and prime ministers - to apparently 'equalize' the woman to the man in this world. And when we women look at the world today, we feel good about ourselves because we have apparently arisen from suppression and we 'thank God for the suffragettes' who made it possible for us women to be able to participate in the world now.

Though we've never actually seen the world as what it really is. For instance we don't seem to see/realize that the 'equalizing of women to men' has been from the perspective and startingpoint of women actually believing that they are less than the male in this world, because they have allowed themselves to be brainwashed/programmed by the design of this reality, which is a male design.
This world with all its systems, its structure, its hard, tough, rough, rigid, ruled, regulated, automatic, systematic, organized basic design - is in essence masculine, it is the masculine expression that is of 'power', 'control', 'fighting', 'struggling', 'achieving', 'competing' , 'attaining', 'reaching', 'building', etc...
And it was men who have throughout History (= 'His' story) built, created and designed this entire reality, because it was their primary desire as the male expression to create a structure of power and control as a 'game' reality wherein they can fight each other and create conflict and war.

The Female expression is in essence one of caring, nurturing, supporting, softness, expression and simplicity, like the earth - women did not really desire power quite like the male and therefore they have always stood in the background, caring for the children and the husband and the house.

So, what has happened within 'feminism' as the apparent 'strength of the woman arising', is that women have in fact suppressed themselves as their natural expression as femininity even more extensively, because they have allowed themselves to be duped by/within the idea of 'equalizing themselves with/to the male' within the parameters of this masculine society - so what they've done is they've gone and worshipped the male expression as this society as apparently 'superior' and 'great', which they apparently must be a part of to be deemed as 'valuable'. In this, women have lost themselves as natural strength and power that is within themselves as the natural expression of themselves as femininity, by looking at the society as the manifested expression of masculinity and actually believing that this is strength, that apparently this world as men has any power what so ever.

So, within feminism, women have actually compared themselves to the men and judged themselves as 'less', and so now they wanted to also participate in this masculine society that was designed by men that is the expression of masculinity so they could feel better about themselves within the belief that 'if they are like men then they will be good/better' - not realizing that in this they actually are making sure that they will for ever more feel 'less' and 'inferior' to the male expression because they have allowed themselves to believe that the male expression, as what we see in this world as the systems of the human society, is 'reality' - meaning that apparently 'men' and 'masculinity' is 'reality', within which the woman apparently does not exist.

So, by desiring to participate in this reality of systems that was designed by men within and as the belief that it is real in the first place - the woman has abdicated and supressed her existence. And she has given up all chance of ever changing this reality, by not trusting herself as natural expression as the key to reality, because she allowed herself to be brainwashed by the idea that the male expression is better/superior, as an idea that is introduced by men because of their desire for power and dominion - so, she lost herself within the apparent 'greatness' and 'complexity' of this systematic reality.

Though, note that I am not suggesting that we should all blame the men for what is happening in the world currently or for the 'suppression of the woman' - as this reality is but an outplay of what has been accepted by all of humanity all throughout history, so there is no one to blame, and therefore all of us individually must take responsibility for all that exist to then stand up from it as actual strength.

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