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2011 What if I don't want to work for 4 years? What if I can't? - Equal Money FAQ

What if I don't want to work for four years in an Equal Money System?

Someone who would ask this question would do so only out of spitefulness and has clearly not investigated the Equal Money System, because if you compare the four years of mandatory labor (four years in an entire lifetime that is) to the lifelong (slave)labor in and of the current system it isn't difficult to see which system is best.

Also if you were to state that you do not want to work for four years in an Equal Money System - you will most likely be sent to have psychological assistance/aid - because within this statement you show that you lack all ability to see what is best for all living beings and you are incapable or unwilling to place yourself in the shoes of another being, as it will be very effectively elaborately explained exactly how an Equal Money System works and why the four years of labor are required for each being.

These four years of labor within the lifetime of each being is what is required to make sure that all is in place to provide the basic necessities for the survival and comfort of each living breathing human being - so within the giving of these four years of labor, each being will show their respect to life and will show who they are as a being. If you state that you are unwilling to give up four years of your life to the benefit of all then you are showing/revealing yourself as a selfish, ignorant being.

Though we will assume that no one is that ignorant or stupid - and that all will understand why the four years of mandatory labor is needed - because if we did not have this system of mandatory labor that serves as the back bone of the Equal Money System then that would mean that we have to return to 'the alternative' which is what we have now, as a system that does not care about you because it only supports the selfish nature of the individual and so it will leave you to rot if you cannot keep up with the money-flow in the system (if you cannot perform the slave-labor to earn money anymore).

Now the other point of 'What if I can't do the mandatory four years of labor in an EMS?' - quite unlike what we have now as our current system, the EMS will be one where your life is not measured by your ability to perform/work, as its main focus point is to look at how we can all live here in the most optimal way - so you will not be left to rot. Obviously, if you cannot work because of illness or disability, then simply you cannot work and so you won't have to work.

The EMS is based on common sense, and this means the sense that we all have as to seeing what needs to be done so that all get what they need - instead of what we have now which is laws and rules that apparently we must rely on to know what to do in this chaotic complex society.
Because of the laws and the rules that we have now, we have become completely disconnected from what is real as common sense, as we feel as though the world is for some reason too big and complex and difficult for us to grasp and understand. This is however but a mindset that we have been taught that only serves the elite as the rich and powerful to be able to stay in power - and common sense is their worst enemy because if you were to look at this reality in common sense then you'd see that there is a lot of bullshit going on.

So, what we have today is people often faking sickness or disability to get payed by the health insurance and to in this way have their personal benefit from the system - not considering what impact or consequences their actions may have on others within the system, and this is possible because there is no common sense what so ever in this world currently - as all that is being promoted by our system of capitalism is selfishness.

This will change in the EMS that drives/thrives on common sense, because all will be made aware of how exactly our system works - all will get to know the how, what, where, when and who of everything that we do and that needs to be done in the system. So, no more hidden agenda's that result in a very complicated network of rules, laws and 'values' wherein we cannot see the point of it all anymore and tend to give up on common sense because we feel so overwhelmed by it all. And in this way, when everything is out in the open and honest and people are not supported in their dishonesty as selfishness anymore, each one will see their place in the system and the way in which they in fact support its functioning and within this we all will take up our responsibility within enabling the EMS to exist - because we realize that if I as each human being do not take responsibility and move myself within the EMS to support it, it will not be able to support me.

Each being will take up their responsibility in the system, and therefore each one will be supported by the system - those who work and those who don't work equally.

For more information on the Equal Money System, join the forum: www.equalmoney.org

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