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2011 The Heart has Reasons that Reason does not Know

"The Heart has reasons that Reason doesn't know"

Let's look into this statement that is often uttered by humans though not at all within awareness of what they are actually stating - they've just heard it somewhere and decided to use it themselves because it makes for a nice justification for whatever it is you want to justify.

We'll firstly look at when a statement like this is spoken, in what situation - from what i've witnessed in movies for example you would have for instance the situation of a woman falling in love with a man that she thought she disliked. So she disliked him first and now all of a sudden she feels attracted to him - 'for some unexplainable reason'. We'll take this situation as our point of reference within investigating the above statement.

So, the woman dislikes the man, and when she is with her friends she has probably mentioned him a couple of times, talking about all the things about him that makes him apparently 'not to be liked' - this is her opinion about him as her view on 'the world' as 'that man' in particular that she is clearly professing and sharing with her environment - 'I do not like that man'.

Now all of a sudden, she feels a strange attraction towards him - could be because of something he said to her or a look he gave her or a movement he made or some fact about his life that she found out that made her brain work and alter her 'view'/'opinion' as thoughts about him as 'who he apparently is'. Now he is 'likeable' - because she now feels that she likes him.

This means however that the opinions and views about this man that she was professing to her friends with such apparent righteousness, as if she knows all about him, she knows all about reality - are now false.

And here is where our statement comes in because she now has to give some reason/explanation about how/why all of a sudden her opinions can change just like that - because, doesn't this mean that she didn't know what she was talking about in the first place? Obviously she doesn't want to be exposed as a 'liar' or as someone who is just talking bullshit for the sake of getting attention and feeling important - and so she then utters a line to her friends like 'The Heart has Reasons that Reason does not know', which is supposed to imply that she has 'fallen victim' to 'her heart' (='i like him') that apparently has its own 'will' that can apparently 'overpower' 'reason' (='i don't like him).

In this statement all self responsibility is being abdicated because within herself she actually knows damn well why and how she 'changed her mind' and she knows full well that all the things she said about him was just her ego trying to make itself big, but because she doesn't want to admit that she goes and blames her actions on 'the heart' as if her 'heart' isn't also a part of her, just like her 'reason' - all one and the same. In this way, she can still feel justified and righteous in the nasty statements that she had made about him while also being able to feel good about following her desires in creating a relationship with him.

The fact that statements such as this one exist and that human beings actually speak them and believe them reveals to us the deceptive nature of the human - wherein we will use any line to be able to justify what we did/said so that we may still feel good about ourselves no matter what we do.

This is unacceptable, because the point that we seem to miss in all of this deception is that our unawareness in the words we speak and the things we do has an impact/a consequencLinke on the world that we live in - and opposed to what we've always believed, this is not our personal, private world that is here just for us so that we can personally participate in desires and consume our environment. We are all here, on this one planet - therefore it is imperative that we all take equal responsibility for it.

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