vrijdag 4 november 2011

2011 Stopping Human Evolution - Equal Money System

"Before the end of this century, excessive mining will have exhausted nearly all the planets' reserves" (Quote taken from the movie 'Home')

The movie 'Home' shows us the absolute parasitic nature of the human being, its obsessive compulsive need and desire to consume more than its planet can handle - even when this behavior is not at all necessary because the human doesn't actually need all the stuff that it takes from the earth - it is all spawn from the inherent 'Greed' that clearly exist within the human being

and not only do we seem to have a complete disregard for our planet (our 'home'), but also for each other - as we for example don't stop and think about the generations of humans that will come after us and that are going to be left with a big mess and very few resources left to actually survive, because the previous generation was on a 'consuming-spree'. there is not really a need to blame ourselves for this though, no need to feel bad about ourselves.

what is much more important/imperative is that we stop and look at ourselves and ask ourselves the question 'How come we have never stopped ourselves?' 'How come that, in spite of us knowing all along that we are destroying the earth and eventually it will turn on us, and we are destroying ourselves and each other, we did not stop?'

Every generation is seeing things getting worse in the world, though because we were thinking/hoping that ‘the shit will not hit our fan’, we did not stop it because we didn’t feel the need to. We assumed that 'I' will eventually die and the shit of this world that I could not/did not stop will be passed on to the next generation – and I will be gone so it won’t be my problem what happens to this world of humans, I’ll just be glad to be out of it.

And now – the shit is hitting the fan – in OUR time, OUR age, it is HERE – the impending doom of humanity, which is us. And though we may not believe it, as though it is but a mirage, a dream, it is not really happening to us – we must stop this here and now.

We must now do what we as the human race was not willing to do for 200.000 years – we must stop and change our ways.

What seems to be the reason that in the midst of our self created storm we are not stopping – is that we are waiting to be destroyed, because in fact we believe that we are unable to stop ourselves, we believe that we are unable to change – because of 200.000 years of ‘human evolution’, how can we – but one generation – stop human evolution?

It may seem unimaginable/impossible/incredible to accept that the human was never truly evolving in the first place – it was devolving. And the ever growing societies as the apparent pinnacle of our supposed ‘great’/superior evolution is but a picture/an image that serves to hide the actual destruction that has built it.

Our starting point of ‘evolution’ was never one of LIFE – it was one of selfishness – only focusing on the HUMAN SURVIVAL - not ever actually considering/seeing the human being as a part of the ecologically balanced system of the earth, wherein it is in fact not superior or ‘better than’ at all – but equally HERE with all other life forms that make up this planet – our home. So, from this starting point of selfishness – how could we ever have evolved?

How is it that we never realized/saw ourselves as a part of reality, a part of life – as what we actually are? How did we get so lost into this fantasy of apparent ‘superiority’ of the human?

And most importantly, why don’t we stop – realize ourselves – forgive ourselves and start anew? Even now – at the brink of our self imposed extinction, wherein we will take all life with us, we don’t even stop. We still seem to find fantasy worlds/alternate realities to apparently escape into – fantasies as reasons and justifications for why we apparently don’t have to change.

Like the hope/expectation that the shit will not hit our fan – hopefully I will die before things get really bad. So we’re basically waiting for death to release us from our self created hell – instead of realizing our power and standing up and changing ourselves and this world.

Within an Equal Money System, we will abandon all hope, give up all fantasies, dreams and ideals – we will in fact stand up HERE, within and as this moment as the living statement of ‘till here and no further’. We will wait no longer as it is unacceptable to expect death to ‘release’ us from this hellish experience of life on earth – because we are the creators of this world, and therefore we can change it, we have to change it. We stop – forgive ourselves – stand up and change, because we can and because we are HERE.

Join us at www.equalmoney.org to investigate what the Equal Money System is all about.

And visit www.desteni.co.za for assistance and support in standing up as a real being in this reality that takes real responsibility – and is in fact able to change the world.

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