vrijdag 18 november 2011

2011 What will happen to Pollution in an Equal Money System? - Equal Money FAQ

Obviously Equal Money is not going to be a 'magical solution' - like a 'magic wand of Equality'.

We will still be faced with what we have allowed ourselves to create in the capitalist system of consumerism and ignorance, which is a lot of pollution.

Because we have been literally completely disregarding any and all consequences of our actions in this world with regards to nature and the animal kingdom and even our own physical bodies - within our 'struggle for survival' in the capitalistic system wherein we were too caught up with being able to earn money to live to even consider really stopping for a moment and looking around us at what we are in fact creating and allowing to be created as human beings collectively.

When we will actually have the opportunity/time to stop and look around us at the world, which will be the case within the Equal Money System - we might be shocked at seeing our creation - seeing our 'history' of who we were/had allowed ourselves to become within the capitalist system, that will be showing in all the polluted oceans, the died out infertile lands due to 'single-crop farming', the fields of 'electronic waste', and obviously Global Warming.

We will still have to face these unpleasant manifested consequences that is the result of what the 'human endeavor' has been so far - though in the Equal Money System, everything will be put to work to first of all stop any further pollution of earth as our environment. Because we will be thoroughly investigating, researching and experimenting all possible ways and solutions to create a human society that truly exist in 'balance' and 'harmony' with nature. We will not be looking at money anymore from the perspective of simply going for the least expensive option, which is the case however in our current society wherein that is always the most environmentally unfriendly option.

In the EMS - energy production will not be a private corporation of an individual or a few individuals that aim to get rich off their 'product' so they wherein they sell their 'invention' at a high price, making it nearly impossible for most people to use this energy production technique. Instead, all energy production research, manufacturing and distribution will be by and for everyone within the realization that we only have one planet so we cannot afford to be selfish and use earths resources as if they are ours to exploit.

Energy must and will be free for all as how it always should have been - and all decisions concerning the usage of the resources of earth should be known and agreed upon by all, to make sure that no abuse is being inflicted because we are all here so it is not acceptable that we all are paying the price for what a couple of greedy human beings are doing where they are being allowed by the capitalistic system to exploit and abuse earth in the name of personal profit.

then, secondly - we will be looking at how we could possibly even restore earth to its original expression, how we could for example clean out the oceans, the soil and the air. So we will be able to enjoy and express ourselves here on earth for the first time - within and as mutual respect and freedom.

Which will be so much fun.

Join us at www.equalmoney.org

And get to know all about the Equal Money System, read the books http://eqafe.com/i/kamourette-what-the-faq-is-equal-money-system-volume-1 - that are available at the EQUAFE store

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