zondag 4 december 2011

2011 No more Gangs - Life in an Equal Money System

No more Gangs as means through which human beings from a very young age exert their anger that exist within themselves unto others in an organized way.
No more gangs as the cultivation of hate that is all based on the 'fight for survival' that the current monetary system is based upon.

Gangs are formed due to the principle of 'we have to stick together in a group to survive in this dog eat dog world' - the Gang is like a 'family' as a group of beings that come together and stick together in their fight for survival in a world that is a war zone, wherein every being only thinks about their own personal survival and the survival of their own personal 'gang' as 'family' as their group of 'support' in this world.

The 'socially accepted' form of 'gangs' is the families in which each being is born into - as this is also a group that sticks to certain 'rules of conduct', beliefs, ideas and rituals wherein the beings in the family can separate themselves from 'the rest of the world' because apparently 'we belong together' and we constantly and continuously show this to each other and the world through these set ways of speaking, walking and behaving that are based on similar shared belief systems.

The 'biological family', like the 'gang family', is only a survival method in this world as the capitalist system, that is all created out of fear of not surviving - so we stick together in groups of 'families' that are personal support systems that we may use to defend and protect our personal wealth - these 'ties' within the family that apparently 'justify' this behavior is the bloodlines. We give value to these 'bloodlines' as if the fact that our genetic codes look alike is a reason for why we are 'connected' - this idea of being 'connected in a special way' to our family members through genetics as bloodlines, is actually only an idea that exist due to the way our money system operates, because our money system forces us to look for support in our survival and so it forces us to create 'relationships' and 'ties' that are completely based on competition in our 'fight for survival' in this world.

This construct of families that look more like gangs - that are willing to destroy others that dare threaten our existence and that only care about the wealth in the family, wherein this type of family construct is the very cause and core of the existence of 'famine' in this world, as we do not care at all about any other living being in the world except for our own family with which we are apparently 'connected in a special way' as the only people who seem to be of any importance.
This will not exist anymore in an Equal Money System - as we will no longer experience the 'fear of not surviving' and so we will no longer feel the need to have 'special connections and ties' to 'family-members' - we will for the first time in the existence of man consider 'life on earth' as 'our family' and we will realize that in fact what is best for all life on earth is inevitably what is best for me, because i am a 'member of earth' and in fact not just a 'member of my family as a small group of people'.

What we've always missed is the point of realizing that our family is in fact also on earth, so it is not our little family group that is the most important, actually the most important is earth and all living beings as without earth my family wouldn't even exist. So in an EMS we will end famine because 'family' will not be about personal survival anymore - the word 'family' will get an entire different meaning as 'survival' will not even exist anymore, we will learn to see every living being on earth as 'my family', as 'my responsibility'.

Gangs, as the result and product of the lack of real support in the current money system, will thus also cease to exist in an EMS because they have no purpose what so ever besides teaching beings to fight others and win, as what is currently needed to survive and what is basically promoted by capitalism: 'be the winner' 'compete with others' 'beat others' 'leave another to die so that you may live', etcetera.

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