donderdag 3 mei 2012

Will you align your aptitude with establishing the altitude of a life that is best for all?

"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."

It may seem unnecessary and redundant to examine statements like this because we hear them all the time, especially from our Celebrity New Age Guru's. They are sweet words that are supposed to be some kind of self-empowerment support brought to us by those that apparently 'have a handle on life' or have got something figured out about life and are now so kind to share their 'wisdom' with the rest of us that are 'lost in the maze' of the mind.

However I would definitely like to point out that  it is exactly because we hear them so much to the point that we have come to tacitly accept them as 'wisdom' and 'truth' as it often is uttered by famous or wealthy people, that it is imperative to have a look at it and investigate it from the perspective of not taking reality for granted and truly assisting and supporting ourselves in becoming aware of who we are here within this reality. After all, 'awareness' should not imply that we blindly follow a certain path that is laid out by those that claim to 'have the answers', but that we have the courage to open our eyes and dare to question everything about ourselves and reality that we've come to accept as 'truth', so that we may have a clear standing within ourselves of who we are here and what is going on in reality. 

Thus, we should not allow statements such as this, or any other type of statements that people speak as though it is 'how life is' or 'what reality is', without fully grasping exactly what it is that we would be living out if we were to follow and believe in statements such as the above mentioned.

So, let's take this thing apart to see exactly what is being implied to be lived here:

Your Attitude: An 'attitude' is a word that especially indicates a certain 'state of mind' that is not really dependent or based on anything of this world as a physical reality. Where one person can have a 'positive attitude' towards life/themselves/an object/another person, another can have a 'negative attitude' - thus attitudes in itself are not actually REAL, they are completely formed and created within the individual mind of a person.

Not your Aptitude: The definition of Aptitude:  "ability; innate or acquired capacity for something", "readiness or quickness in learning; intelligence", "the state or quality of being apt; special fitness" (quotes taken from So an aptitude refers to a physical ability that can be physically measured in this reality, as something that will in fact determine how well a being will function in this physical reality in terms of how much money they will make and the physical comfort and quality that they will achieve/obtain in their lives here on earth.

Will determine your altitude: The definition of Altitude:  "the height of anything above a given planetary reference plane, especially above sea level on earth". So, practically speaking, the altitude here referred to, is how 'high' a person can go/fly/move.

In a pure, real, physical, practical sense, this statement of "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude." doesn't make any sense because in reality, it is actually the other way around. In this reality, according to the laws of the physical that govern all that is here, your aptitude and not your attitude, will determine your altitude. You will only be able to climb a mountain, fly or 'build up an empire', if you have the skills, talents, knowledge, language and thus the aptitude within being able to function in this physical reality. A mountain will not move by itself purely by your 'attitude' as a 'state of mind' within yourself wherein you may feel like you are or have climbed a mountain, yet in reality you are actually not.

However, judging by the clear fact that this statement is completely backwards when applied to reality, what it is most likely implying is that it doesn't matter if you can physically climb a mountain and go 'higher', all that matters is that you 'climb' a 'mental mountain' of energetic experience within yourself wherein you FEEL as though you have actually reached or attained or obtained something. All that matters is the FEELING. And yes, within the mind as thoughts and feelings, anything is possible, you do not need the aptitude to have altitude because your attitude will determine the altitude of your energetic experience within yourself, as either negative/low or positive/high.

One big, fat, giant, enormous point that is missed in this statement that seems to be completely reasonable within the realm of the mind, is that if you do not have any aptitude in the physical reality as skills, talents, abilities and capacities, you will never even be able to participate within the minds energetic experiences of perceived altitude within self-created attitude. Just look at those in this world that have no money and thus no education, thus no skills, capacities or capabilities to reach or obtain anything in this world, let alone feed themselves, would they experience much 'altitude' within themselves? Would they even be able to have an 'attitude' about their situation? Wouldn't whether or not they have an attitude about the physical pain that they experience on a daily bases due to undernourishment and bad health, be completely irrelevant as it does not in any way create any change in their lives.

The people that preoccupy their minds with believing and trusting in statements like "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude." seem to have become so disconnected from the physical reality and lost within the 'ethereal' of the energetic mind reality that is only real when you personally choose to believe that it is, that they don't even realize anymore that they actually need their physical body to even be able to experience the highs and lows as the altitude of the attitude of the inner experience and as long as this physical body is not functioning properly or being cared for properly, you will not even be able to have any kind of attitude about it as you will be too distracted by the pain you are experiencing. The inner experience of every being is determined by the outer experience as the physical reality and not the other way around. 

Sure it is nice to believe that it works the other way around but I have yet to meet a being that is willing to test this theory out and trade places with someone currently starving to death or suffering from severe physical illness.

And lets also not bring people like jesus who walked on water and who, out of his very beingness, multiplied a few loafs of bread into a thousand or like certain munks or spiritual beings in this world who allegedly don't need water or food to live, because that would be nothing but a pathetic attempt to not look at the issues that we are facing within humanity - which is that we are being preoccupied en masse with delusional statements like the one that we have just debunked that glorify the 'inner experience' up to the point where we actually believe that our feelings are what creates reality and not realize that our feelings only create our feeling about reality, but what really creates reality, is reality itself as everything that exist here as the physical existence. And really, if our minds actually would be able to change, alter or influence reality in the way that so many people love to believe, then they wouldn't be here living on the same planet like the rest of us, in the same global mess like all of us. And that is not an 'attitude', that is simply what is going on, it is REALITY. So let's FACE IT!

If you are interested in releasing yourself from the lies that are minds are filled with and face reality so that we can once and for all deal with the problems in this world in real-time practical considerations, then visit, where we focus on creating a world where each living being is supported equally in reaching the altitude of life as what we would want for ourselves. We do not accept a reality where some beings achieve personally experienced 'altitude' while leaving all others to rot without taking any responsibility for their part in this global system of inequality that we call Humanity.

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