woensdag 9 mei 2012

2012 The Secret Deception of Science

Science has evolved immensely over the last century, in terms of it being able to explain pretty much everything about how our body works and how the entire physical universe works. Science has been able to prove beyond a doubt that everything about ourselves and about reality is able to be explained - all emotions, feelings, thoughts, as things that many of us experience to be 'magical', mystical and inexplicable as the apparent 'magic' and 'mystery' of the human existence. Nothing but chemicals, hormones, neurotransmitters, neuronal pathways in the brain and glandular excretion, as proven by Science.

We are nothing but physical systems that function together and that results in the experience of ourselves as how we experience ourselves daily, just like nature and animals is nothing but a system that all functions together like a well oiled machine that is 'life'.

However there is a point about/within science that we have come to simply accept yet have never realized to be quite strange. There is a major contradiction in our trusted scientific way of looking at life that has seemed to have gone unnoticed for quite a while.

Science will tell and prove us that literally everything about ourselves is part of a machine/system that is the physical human body wherein everything about who we think we are is able to be examined and read as physical processes - yet have a look, at the same time science will also tell us that it is 'normal' that 'we' as a 'being' have no clue of what goes on inside ourselves as our body and thus we need doctors and scientists to tell us what is going on with our body. We must trust doctors and scientists at all times because they have all the knowledge and information about how the physical reality operates. Though doesn't this all trike you as contradictory?

If we really are the physical body as part of the physical reality as all that exists here, then wouldn't it in fact be natural and normal for us to be completely aware of what goes on within ourselves as the physical? In fact it would even be natural and normal for us to be able to heal ourselves as, according to science, we ARE the physical body. So then what is up with science creating a separation between 'us' as a being and 'the physical' without expanding any further on who we are? Because, if we are not the physical, then who/what/where are we?

What science has done here looks exactly like what religion does, to tacitly imply that the human is somehow 'more' than what exists here as the physical, though not making an effort or being able to pinpoint what that 'more' is exactly. Yet, contrary to religion, science seems to be more deceptive within this, by claiming that they consider the human to be only the physical body as what can be seen, touched, and proven within this physical existence/experience of ourselves here on earth, yet at the same time implicitly feeding us the idea that we as beings actually have nothing to do with the physical reality and thus have no way of ever being able to grasp/see/understand what is going on inside our human body or in this physical reality and so apparently we need doctors and scientists to tell us what is going on inside of ourselves.

What the hell is going on here? Why has this question never been asked of 'who are we' if not the physical? 'who are we' if not what science has proven to be 'who we are' as the physical processes that make up the human body and the entire experience of ourselves within ourselves? Why is their aim to get us to believe ourselves to be 'more than' or 'different from' the physical body by making it clear that there is no way that we would ever be able to be aware of anything that goes on inside of the body without a doctor/scientist telling us - when at the same time they will reject and scoff any being that professes the spiritual/religious viewpoint of the human apparently being 'more than' this physical realm, as if to say that to believe that we are 'more' is utter bullcrap and not to be taken seriously?!

And most importantly, why have they not expanded their investigation as to asking themselves the question of why the human has over time separated itself from itself as what it really is as a physical body, by believing that it is in some way 'more than' the physical, when in reality, even this idea of being 'more than' is a system of the mind that also exists within the body? Why is science only supporting this apparent separation in spite of the obvious evidence that it has gathered about who the human really is as 'just' a physical system?

could it perhaps have something to do with money? Could it be that science, scientists and doctors, contrary to what it tries to make itself out to be, doesn't really care about this world or about the human being and that it only serves one true God that is MONEY, as the God that all of us that exist here in this world must bow down to, the God that can make or break us in this world?

Could it be a possibility that there is a profit to be made within science - as a convenient tool to herd the humans towards the doctors, hospitals and pharmacies within their fear of themselves as the body as they believe themselves to be completely separated from the body AND the mind as what scientists have been tacitly conveying by pushing the pharmaceutical industry as the apparent solution to malfunctions in the physical system that they themselves have proven to exist within and as the human physical body, instead of stopping to consider the common sense that there would be endless possibilities of what the human would be capable of if made to realize themselves AS the physical body, to move and exist as ONE and EQUAL with and as the physical human body, within and as complete awareness of themselves AS the physical reality.

It is quite a clever scheme to render the human being helpless, hopeless and powerless by blowing their mind with knowledge and information about themselves as the physical body and then implicitly getting them to believe that they exist in complete separation, nay, as an utter victim of what they just found out to be the vast universe of the human body and its functions - losing all sense or awareness of themselves AS the body. Wherein the human then actually will start to believe that it is somehow 'natural' and 'normal', according to science, to not have a fucking clue of what goes on within the body as if the body is not they THEMSELVES - and in this they have even allowed themselves  to be trained to automatically reject everything and anything that dares question their precious new religion of science as the apparent pinnacle of rationality and 'reality', herein unfortunately ignoring the obvious contradictions and aberrations.

If one dig into the accepted values and ideas of 'what is real' in this world with a genuine interest to truly find out what the hell is going on in this world, one would find many 'curiosities' that eventually prove themselves to even be deceptive as a result of a money system that forces human beings to turn against each other and manipulate, cheat and deceive in the most subtle ways, all in the name of personal survival and supporting ones own family.

Religion and spirituality is no different - they offer nice explanations and messages of light, love and understanding that are apparently benevolent, yet for one that dare to scratch the surface and consider common sense, there are obvious contradictions in all these messages.

Investigate Desteni if you are willing to consider finding out the truth about this reality for yourself and scratching the surface of what we have always been presented with as 'the truth' by the generally accepted institutions of this world - Desteni is a group of beings that are determined to find real, lasting and effective solutions to bring about a world that is best for all living beings and to find out what is really going on in this world within asking themselves the question of 'why have we never been able to simply change this world into one where all life is supported equally within stopping starvation and poverty?'. The answers and solutions prove themselves to be so simple that it becomes more and more obvious that humanity has been deliberately abdicating their responsibility for this world by hiding behind the apparent 'complexity' of reality as apparently proven by 'science'.

Also investigate Equal Money to discover just how simple the solution can be.


                                                                              Art by Cameron Cope    

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