maandag 28 mei 2012

Saying "I Love you" is my Greatest Weapon!

I've noticed something interesting with certain people and how they express themselves in the comments on my Youtube-Vlogs, even I used to do this as well and it is only now that I came to realize what this specific way of expressing is all about.

To demonstrate, I will use comments that someone posted on my vlog "2012 Is David Icke the result of Consumerism":

"In my view, that is robbing from others the need to develop their own system of discernment. Nonetheless, I come back to my original statement. I feel you are a person with a very good heart who wants to promote a better world. I am only suggesting that there may be better uses of your time and energy in doing so. May the One Beyond All Names bless you in all ways !!! "

Here in this comment, he is clearly not agreeing with what I said/did in my video, yet he then goes and says "may the one beyond all names bless you in all ways!!!", which is like saying that 'my ways' are OK and good as they apparently should be 'blessed' by 'the one beyond all names', which is completely contradictory with everything else that he said wherein he certainly did not agree with 'my ways', I would even call this 'hypocritical'.
 "Hence, in the midst of the current chaos and pain in the world, let's IMagine a better version and do all we can to embody and promote our vision ... And do less mud slinging, in an attempt to caution others to "tune out" to someone else's message. Don't get me wrong ... I respect your opinion ... It is more that it baffles me why you feel the need to produce this kind of video to assert your opinion out into the world as a way to convince others to "see the light"?"

Again here, he clearly indicates in his words that he does not agree with what I am 'doing' in my video, which according to him is 'mud slinging', and presents a 'better way' when he says "let's IMagine a better version and do all we can do to embody and promote our vision", yet then he goes over to saying that he "respects my opinion", which is again basically saying that what I said/did in my video is ok and good and all right, contradictory with what he actually mentioned in the beginning of his comment.
"Dear Friend ... We are not "connecting" ... And I do not feel that you understand anything I am saying. Instead you seem to interpret everything as an "attack" on a idea that you feel is so vital, so you have to STAND UP for this truth ... Whether you believe it or not I am actually a Being who has committed my whole life to contributing my part to give birth to A New Way of Being where poverty and starvation and abuse is eradicated. Again, I send to you Love and Light ... We have the same goal."
He makes it really difficult to take anything he says seriously because he says that we "have the same goal" yet at the same time I apparently don't understand anything that he is saying and we are 'not connecting'. then how could we 'have the same goal'? Either he doesn't fully understand his own goal or he doesn't understand mine because if we really did 'have the same goal', there would be no discussion/disagreement.

So all this basically reveals is that he is not certain of his 'goal', which is probably because his goal is of a self-interested nature and not so 'noble' as 'committing his whole life to contributing his part to give birth to A New Way of Being where poverty and starvation and abuse is eradicated'. When it comes to doing what is best for all life in this world, and to thus truly stop poverty and starvation, there is only one road/way to get to that 'goal', and the other road/way is self-interest. So it is not possible to disagree with someone and at the same time 'have the same goal', you are either self-honest and stand/live as what is best for all life or you are self-dishonest and choose self-interest in the form of the 'freedom of choice'.

The only thing that I can see from this person is that he is just not willing to realize that he has taken the road/way of self-interest and thus cannot be clear to me when disagreeing with me, by still 'sending me Love and Light' and wanting 'the one beyond all names to bless me in all ways' -- if he really cared about stopping poverty, starvation and abuse in this world no matter what, he would realize that there is only one way to do that, the way of common sense, the way of stopping all illusions/delusions of the mind under the guise of 'free choice', and he would be clear about what he will allow and what he will not allow because he would see what is real/common sense and what is not/mind-bullshit and because he would realize that the only way to get the human being to wake up and stand up in this world is to expose the self-interested mind-bullshit of every human so all may stand up and take responsibility for this world to direct it to a world that is best for all, and not by 'sending Love and Light' and 'blessings' to everyone even if/when you don't agree with what they say/do as that would actually be supporting the abuse in the world.

"I don't believe that you understood, heard, or appreciate anything I said. I rarely comment - yet for some reason felt divinely directed to do so. What I hear in your responses is this. You feel as you feel. So Be It. BTW, I cannot speak for D. Icke, because I do not live in his skin. But, I AM NOT someone who just cares about myself, my thoughts,my feelings. But, I don't feel the need to convince you of that. May the One Beyond All Names bless you in all things. Sending you Love and Light."

"I can feel that you have a very good heart. What I do not understand is why you (and many others) feel compelled to find the "glitches" in what other good-hearted people are doing in the world and then beating this drum of interpretation so that others will recognize the limitations in person "x". We ALL operate in the world with some form of "filter", because not one of us can possibly understand or comprehend the WHOLE cosmic picture while in human form."

"This will be my last comment: I Love you, and wish for you the best."

  How is saying "I love you" the Greatest Weapon in this case? Because it protects those that say it, for instance this person that commented on my vlog, from being exposed to their own self-interested nature. Because if he were to be clear about where he stands (does he agree with me or does he disagree with me?), he would actually have to look at himself and his standing point and be faced with who he really is and where he really stands.

But by saying that he sends me Love, Light and Blessings and that I have a good heart, he is covering up the fact that he actually doesn't like what I said in my video and that he did not agree with it, thus muddling his real 'goal'/intention/standing point for himself and all others, so that he could happily and blissfully continue his self-interested ways wherein 'everything is ok' and 'everyone has the freedom to express themselves' even when what people say/do is contradictory to what is best for all and is only adding to the abuse and ignorance in this world. You cannot change the world into a Heaven on earth for all and still allow others to freely abuse their environment by not taking the rest of the world into consideration within their expression, you'd be shooting yourself in the foot!

So if you say that you want to change the world and stop poverty, starvation and abuse yet still promote/allow/support Free Choice as in the Freedom for human beings to preach whatever personal mind-bullshit they like to others as if it is 'the truth' and 'the solution' to this world, you just prove yourself to not be interested in actually investigating this world and what is being presented to us as the apparent 'answers' and 'solutions' by for instance David Icke or any other New Age Guru so as to make sure that what they present truly is assisting and supporting humanity in stopping all abuse and changing the world to provide a dignified life for all.

You obviously just want to continue believing that you are 'committing your whole life to contributing your part to give birth to A New Way of Being where poverty and starvation and abuse is eradicated' within whatever you are doing in your life here on earth so that you can feel as though what you do is benevolent in order to feel good about yourself - and in that also supporting this deception in others who believe themselves to be benevolent and 'saviors of humanity' in their own personal way of life/living as well, with which you will simply 'agree to disagree', and all you've done within this is support the other person's illusion of 'being right' so they would support your illusion of 'being right' thus basically making the line between what is 'right' and what is 'wrong' blurry because apparently 'everyone has the right to speak their mind' and be respected for it and live their life according to 'their own system of discernment'.

In other words, what is revealed in these words is a lack of integrity, principle and morality as a clear standing within and as the awareness of what is in fact 'right' (as in 'best for all') and what is 'wrong' (as in 'not best for all'), which is actually the basic idea that has been promoted by consumerism within the point of 'individuality' and 'power to the individual', as now everyone has their 'own system of discernment', their own personal value-system where basically 'anything goes' and 'everything is ok'.

Watch the BBC documentaries 'Century of Self' and 'The Trap' to assist and support yourself in understanding and realizing how this whole glorified concept of 'freedom of choice' and 'freedom of speech' has been perverted by corporations and governments to turn the human being into the ultimate robot of self-interest that will never actually stand up in this world and change the world to what is clearly best for all life but that will rather be whisked away by beautiful ideas and inner experiences wherein they can personally FEEL like the hero/savior/'benevolent being of Light and Love' yet not actually doing what is necessary to be done to make this 'Love' visible in this world.

This is why 'feelings' have been put on a pedestal during the last decades, with the uprising of the 'New Age' - because feelings are easily manipulated/molded/directed to make beings FEEL powerful and special within themselves so they wouldn't notice just how dis-empowered and insignificant they really are in terms of making a difference in this world.

Only within living by Principle, as the principle of stopping all abuse and dishonesty in this world and only doing what is best for all in every moment in every way, can we make sure that this world actually become a world that is best for all living beings. Because it is an illusion to assume, think, hope and believe that the world will change by itself and that you can thus simply keep on 'agreeing to disagree' with everyone, without you actually standing as the living solution, as what you will and will not allow here on this earth within yourself or another.

Investigate Desteni, where we learn to walk within this world by principle of doing what is best for all in every moment in every way as we realize that that is the only way a world that is best for all will ever become a reality - if and when we do not allow anything less of ourselves or anyone else but who they really are as life itself as the living statement of what is best for all as oneness and equality. Listen to this interview "Freedom of Choice and Equal Money" by Bernard Poolman for more perspective on how what we see/experience as 'Free Choice' today has consequences that are not at all understood by Humanity. 

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