zondag 6 mei 2012

Have we allowed Child-Abuse to be the Chronicle of Life?

I just finished watching the movie 'chronicle', wherein a few boys receive superpowers from some magical crystal that they discovered.

One of those boys gets physically and verbally abused by his father at home and throughout the movie, you see him evolve while he explores his newly found power of telekinesis from feeling more secure about himself because he suddenly receives positive attention for his 'talents' and has a group of friends that support him in his self discovery to a being that starts to use his power on other beings to exert his rage build-up from years and years of abuse in his own house and in school from the other children.

The movie ends where his own friend had to kill him because he was becoming so destructive within his power that he was literally demolishing the entire city of New York.

A point that came up when seeing the situation of this kid with his family, of being abused by his father, is that this is actually a point that is being tacitly accepted as reality by all of humanity. We seem to be ok with this shit happening in children's lives, because we agree with parents not needing any training to prove themselves worthy of parenthood and to prove themselves as respectful, trustworthy beings that can actually take care of and responsibility for the upbringing of a child in this world. We call this 'the freedom of choice' that is the apparent gift of humanity as that which makes us 'human' and gives us apparent 'freedom of expression' wherein we can apparently 'be ourselves' - which is justified all around and glorified as 'the human experience' even in the face of the abuse that it produces behind closed doors in families all around the world.

The very fact that we are aware that this actually happens in this world to children, when seeing it portrayed in a movie like 'chronicles' and that all we do is shrug our shoulders and say 'oh well, it's not cool but who am I to stop or question this?' - only shows that we don't care about what happens to children, we don't care about what happens to life because we are not willing to stop child-abuse and because we actually then attempt to justify this by coming up with excuses that basically all stem from the fear within human beings of losing their own free choice, because they think 'well, if we're going to stop parents from abusing their children like this, then I will have to start answering for my own behavior in my own life as well' and we don't want that because we know that what we do towards our children is for the most part abusive - due to the simple fact that we don't actually know what we are doing. We don't understand the consequences of our actions as we just go about doing what we think and believe is 'right' and 'good', but which we never actually investigate or truly look at from the perspective of making sure that we are truly doing what is best for the child in fact, because in essence it is all an act that we hide the true nature of 'raising children' in this world behind, which is the opportunity that parents have to abuse, to feel powerful and to experience power and control as they have this being or beings at their disposal that they can mold and shape in their own image and likeness - having children in this world is the ultimate power-trip for human beings to feel like and experience themselves as 'God'... and this is the only reason why parenthood does not happen out in the open and why we don't as humanity collectively make all parents answer for their actions towards their children to make sure that each child in fact actually receives the proper care  and support.

And the fact that there does not exist a 'parent-course' and 'parent-curriculum' that serves to correct parents and guide parents into effective parenthood, is only PROOF that we have got something to hide -- as we are not willing to look at what it is that we are doing to our children and will immediately attack anything that so much as suggests any form of control within raising children, because 'they are trying to take away our precious free choice', which is obviously nothing but the 'freedom' to abuse as this 'free choice' is what happens behind closed doors in the secret confinements of family.

And then you have the general attitude that parents take on of believing that they are a 'good parent' and a 'good person' because they are apparently not abusing their child and they are making an effort to not abuse their child - wherein they then compare themselves with the apparent 'bad parents' that ARE abusive towards their children. Yet they don't realize that their behavior towards their own child and the way they raise their own child is NOT VALID if they do not treat ALL CHILDREN in the same way. I mean, how can you expect your child to respect you and respect what you are trying to share with them and teach them about what is 'right' when you are not even consistent in your words and actions as you will not apply what you believe to be 'right' to ALL of reality - this in itself proves that all your principles are not in fact real and that you as the 'good person' that you believe yourself to be are not in fact real.

To keep 'parenthood' limited to only two people as the 'biological parents' and grandparents is not what is best for the child, it is only within a self-interested starting point of the parents where they want to play god over the children -- which is also the reason why in many families you will have arguments and discussions and manipulation playing out between parents as both parents want to raise the child in THEIR WAY, in THEIR image and likeness to be able to experience the most power and control within themselves, wherein they experience the other parent to be getting in the way of their personal plans for THEIR child.

The most effective parenthood that is best for the child is within the openness of a community, where all grown ups realize their equal responsibility for all children within the community. I mean obviously the child still lives with their biological parents, however within the raising of the child, the parent may not have any feelings of jealousy or ownership or greed within sharing responsibility over the child, wherein they would attempt to keep others away from THEIR child, because all of these emotional and feeling experiences only have to do with the personal desires of the parent and do not consider what is in fact best for the child itself. There is no other reason why parents would want to keep the way they raise their children hidden and secret within their own family and home than self-interest wherein they strive for a feeling of OWNERSHIP over their child, wherein the child becomes their POSSESSION as they become possessed with the feeling of power and control that they have over this being.

Within a community, there is a healthy aspect that is called 'social control', not in the form of policing but within everyday interaction between the beings within the community, where abusive beings are easily picked up and forced/supported/suggested to correct themselves because a community cannot work when there are some beings that are trying to use and abuse other beings for their own personal desires -- that is individualism and the attitude of consumerism that is the illness of the current human that is becoming more and more used to complete isolation and secretism from everyone else and is going further and further away from the realization that in fact the earth is a grand community of beings that need each other and influence each other in their everyday actions and thus would or could not possibly be able to function effectively if there is no mutual respect and consideration. (see the documentary 'The Trap' for further understanding of this phenomenon)

To stop Child-Abuse we have to first establish our starting-point to stand as a respectful and trustworthy being that is dedicated to bring about a world that is best for all. Investigate Desteni and find support in starting your process of stopping the mind and birthing yourself as Life.

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