dinsdag 26 juni 2012

2012 Tolle's Radical Spiritual Practice is to accept the Now of Evil?

"A simple but radical spiritual practice is to accept whatever arises in the Now -- within & without." ~E. Tolle

This above quote, coming from the enlightened master Mr. Eckhart Tolle himself, is very likely to have been welcomed with open arms by all the spiritual Oprah-watching 'Power of Now' practitioners out there, who are in their process of reaching the 'eternal bliss' of 'the Now' and can thus 'resonate' with this type of quote that seems to make sense in their frame of understanding of what their 'purpose in life' is as in 'silencing their mind' and 'reaching inner bliss and happiness'.

Though just for the hell of it, lets investigate into the actual practicality of these words, as in 'will the acceptance of whatever arises in the Now, within or without, actually change this world for real into a Heaven on Earth? Will all the worlds problems such as starvation, poverty, exploitation, sexual slavery, pollution of nature, global warming, intoxication of the water supply on earth, etcetera, be solved with all of us together living in a better world for all?

What Tolle is basically teaching here is passiveness with regards to what is going on on earth, in the lives of other beings on earth, as one will obviously not be moving oneself to in fact do anything about all the above mentioned problems in this world by accepting that they exist - this shows that Tolle's 'solution' is a consumerist product of sorts that only focuses on the individual's experience of themselves within themselves, to be able to 'be ok' with what is going on in the world and in their own lives - which is, if one really have a look, pretty fucked up shit, I mean, just reread the short list I summed up there and realize that that does not even touch on the complexity of just how seriously we've managed to fuck up life on earth with our defective global Management/Economic system of Money (I dare you to now pick up and read the paper or turn on the news if you don't believe me).

And after all, the word 'spirit' in 'spirituality' refers to the 'entity within' the individual, to the 'ethereal', 'metaphysical' inner experience that is always but individualistic and never has anything to do with what is here as the physical reality -- it's in the word, 'spirit' = 'vapor',  the glorified inner experience of the individual that 'evaporates' when tested and researched in relation to what is really physically alive and here as the reality that we can all touch, see, smell and hear. Thus, this 'spiritual practice' that Tolle is promoting/supporting in his words, litteraly ONLY focuses on the invisible realm of the 'inner spirit' within the individual, just like what any other type of Consumer Product does that is promoted through commercials -- these products sell because they tap and play into the inner desire of the invisible inner 'spirit' within the Human being to feel good/happy/blissful.

And, we can all see the results/consequences of our participation in the System of Consumerism shown to us every day in this physical reality, as exactly that which Tolle is now suggesting we 'accept' to be able to cope and still feel good about it. So, back to my initial question: will this 'accepting' of the world as it is in fact change the world for real? Let's see... are those that are following Tolle's teachings still equally participating in the system of Capitalism and Consumerism as Mass World Abuse as before? Yes. Have the Tolle followers/practitioners stood up in this world and moved themselves to in fact change the system through designing a new global system of Economics/Management that will actually work practically for all, within the realization that 'spirit'(/vapor) does not feed, clothe, bathe or provide shelter for a being in any way what so ever and have they made a visible statement/standing to dedicate their life to make this system a reality? No, they haven't.

Thus, is it safe to assume, based on these simple observations, that the acceptance of whatever arises in the Now, only adds to the problems that Life on Earth is facing, as it places those that have the money and thus the chance and opportunity in this world to change the System through democratic means, in a position of passiveness towards the world and the way that it operates, to in fact STILL do what they were doing before, which is to co-operate with and support the current abusive system of inequality on earth, only now with a more 'positive attitude' through acceptance and thus allowance of what is currently existing on earth?

And is this 'acceptance of whatever arises in the Now, within or without' not a complete abdication of Morality or Principle, wherein we become these zombies of happiness and bliss that do not in any way feel the need to stand up and do something to stop the suffering that is happening in the lives of many beings on earth, because 'it is all ok', 'it is what it is', 'I am what I am', as an apparent benevolent statement that is in reality but an excuse to be able to not feel guilty or bad in any way about what we as humans are doing here on and to earth and it's inhabitants within our continued ignorance in our participation as Consumers in the System of Consumerism - which is, to anyone with a little bit of common sense in them left, actually completely UNacceptable.

Anyone who can look at this world and say 'I accept this', must be equally fucked up as what this world is showing each day, as ones existence within oneself will always be equal to that which one accepts and thus allows to exist within existence as a whole. lol - Thus, the 'Power of Now', as that which has been welcomed and embraced by humanity as 'the ultimate goal/purpose in life' and 'the ultimate answer to the human's spiritual evolutionary process', is in fact the greatest Evil as the pinnacle of the Human beings ability to accept the existence of abuse and destruction of Life on Earth to the ultimate degree. Mr. Tolle's Power of Now is the final upgrade in the consciousness of Man that seeks for ways to be able to deal with the Evil that it has allowed to exist within Life on Earth and thus within itself, and to, no matter how abusive or destructive the deeds of Man on Earth become, still be able to turn a blind eye and simply... accept.

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