zaterdag 9 juni 2012

2012 How to Effectively Stop Self Judgment


"What one must realize about Judgment is that, if judgment exist within you, or self-judgment, is that you will never be good enough within your own eyes, there will always be something wrong or something missing or something out of place. I mean, that's what judgment does. It becomes like this complete window through which you see reality and that window has just got this word 'Judgment, judgment, judgment, judgment, judgment' written all over it, so your eyes just kind of see judgment everywhere..."

 This Interview gives a very cool perspective on how one tends to limit oneself within allowing oneself to exist within 'competitive comparison'  wherein one compares oneself and ones 'capacities' and 'application' in ones life to that of others. In this, only limiting oneself in ones experience and expression of oneself within ones reality, ultimately ending up within the experience of 'dullness', as one does not allow oneself to expand, learn or develop new abilities, insights or ways of expressing/experiencing oneself.

Here is a being who shares her experiences with the Mind-Construct of Competitive Comparison and Judgment and how she had allowed this Construct to direct her life, instead of her being the Directive Principle of her own Life, which I'd suggest All hear to assist and support yourself to stop giving your Power away to the mind as Judgments within and as Comparison and competition with others, so as to be able to stand up within and as yourself and stand One and Equal with another and express yourself unconditionally.

Another interview that gives Real Life Common Sense assistance and support with regards to realizing that judgment is not who you really are, is this "Life Review: The Victim of Judgment", that reveals the extensive nature in which one can allow Judgment to completely screw up ones entire life-experience. Thus assist and support yourself in starting the process of stopping self-judgment by listening to this interview. It's definitely worth it as many beings will most likely be able to relate very much with this Woman's Story.

 More Perspective On Dealing with Judgment is this Interview with Audrey Hepburn: "Transforming Judgments into Gifts"

 Audrey gives examples of how to observe what one judges in another, and observing what the judgments shows you that you have not yet accepted within yourself.

When realizing that you are comparing yourself to another - you are seeing that you are giving yourself an opportunity to express yourself to the fullest and to change you to become more effective.

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