maandag 11 juni 2012

2012 Are you Always Expecting the Worst?


"Yes, within our current society, there are a lot of things that we have to be cautious of, I mean, that is reality common sense within the current existence of how everything exists, but it should not impair your internal mental reality and physical capacity to live to the extent that it did mine. I mean, I could have been a far more stable, directive and assertive person if i did not accept and allow these fears to overwhelm me to the extent that they did..."

In this Life Review, a being opens up her life experience and what she realized about how she had allowed herself to be directed in her reality by the fear of always expecting the worst within her mind. Hearing this interview assisted me greatly in realizing how I myself had allowed myself to be programmed by my environment when I was little into always expecting the worst of other people and the world, causing me to have lived a life in fear of 'what might happen' and 'what if...', and never actually living or expressing myself in this reality.

So, hear this being's story to assist and support yourself to see, realize and understand how we have allowed ourselves and our lives to be completely directed by irrational and irrelevant fears of what might happen to us that would cause death, wherein we never notice that we haven't actually ever lived as we were in essence fearing our own fears, and give yourself the opportunity to stand up from that and live for the first time.

For more assistance and support in terms of walking the process out of the mind and in to the physical visit the Desteni Forum

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