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2011 Sexomania - a New Disorder on the Rise

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There seems to be a new 'psychological disorder' called 'Sexomania' arising in the human society. This 'disorder' is an 'uncontrollable urge'/desire to act out sexual desires and thoughts within the mind.

Obviously now science as doctors and psychiatrists are going to start investigating this and doing research and then coming up with all sorts of medications and 'treatments' for this apparent 'illness' and 'disorder' that seems to have, just like all other psychological disorders, popped up from nowhere - treating the human 'suffering' from this 'disorder' as a 'victim' of its own mind, of its own desires, thoughts and 'urges', that apparently needs to be suppressed through medication.

What is fascinating about the human society is that human beings in general believe it to be 'normal' that we have 'sexual thoughts, desires and urges' - it is what makes us apparently 'alive' and 'who we are', but then you have all the various 'deviations', 'mutations' and 'disorders' within those sexual desires such as for instance sexomania, necrophilia, pedophilia, exhibitionism, voyeurism, etcetera and also 'conditions' such as Tourettes Syndrome that is most known for the tendency of the person to shout out words relating to sex that is generally judged as 'vulgar' in public places.

So because there are just so many sexual disorders and dysfunctions in the human mind, this should serve as a warning sign to us, showing us that there may be something dysfunctional about our society as the way that we look at and treat sex and sexuality, as how sex and sexuality is being presented to us during our childhood - that is causing these disorders, instead of treating the 'patient' as if there is something wrong with that person and as if that person just got that way because it is apparently 'who they are'.

If one have a look at our current human society within common sense, one might see the distorted way that we deal with sex and sexuality and we may be surprised that there aren't more people with sexual disorders - then again there are also so many things that are happening behind closed doors in people's homes that no one ever gets to see. In our human world, sex and sexuality is not discussed openly, most people feel awkward talking about it and especially parents mostly have a difficult time talking in a 'normal'/relaxed/open way about it with their children, and often then have a tendency to go and make up stories about 'where babies come from' instead of simply telling the truth.

We seem to all desire sex and think about it more oft then naught though no one ever really speaks about it and pretty much everything that has to do with sex gets covered up, shoved under a bed, hidden behind a curtain or locked in a closet. This makes 'sex' and sexuality a 'secret reality', that people participate in in the secret confinements of their mind as thoughts, there where no one else can see. It isn't difficult to see that this can easily become quite perverted as everything gets hidden and locked away - with some more than others as it all depends on how extensive the judgments about sex and sexuality were that you learned from your parents.

So because sex is generally accepted by all of us human beings as something that is, has always been and always will be a 'secret' as personal thoughts and desires within the mind of each person, we accept that human beings think perverse thoughts, in fact we support the perverted nature that sex has become for the human. Obviously this will inevitably result in lots of people 'losing it' because inside themselves they have all these thoughts, feelings and desires of sex and sexuality that is all based on pictures that were automatically downloaded into us from childhood, as sex seems to have taken on this subliminal nature that is like a constant presence in our human society yet not openly talked about - and there will be lots of beings not knowing what to do with these desires and thoughts that seem to be 'bad' as a generally accepted judgment about sex and sexuality in society, so they won't be able to openly express and talk about what is inside of them as they feel like they should do their best to hide and suppress it. Though the problem here is that the mind can only be suppressed to a certain extent and so there are people who are able to live a relatively 'normal' sex-life and then there are those that cannot 'contain' all those hidden thoughts and desires inside themselves and those are the ones that act on it and go out and rape someone or expose themselves or sexually abuse a child, etcetera.

The truth is that we are all collectively responsible for such acts and for the existence of for instance Sexomania - because we all collectively participate in covering up sex and sexuality and making it a difficult topic to talk about as if it is 'bad', and this in turn causes for beings to walk around with this perverted reality inside themselves, believing that they mustn't talk about it or be open about it because it is apparently 'bad'. So, who creates sexual deviancy and disorders? We all do! - this is not the 'fault' or sole responsibility of those that are programmed with this specific mindset of 'the sexually deviated', because something like sexual deviance can only exist within a society that is already completely dysfunctional in term of communication between beings

So the only reason why beings continue acting out these abusive thoughts is because they don't dare to be honest about what exist within themselves because of the fear of being rejected by society, as the fear that we all exist within and as.

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