vrijdag 9 december 2011

2011 The Buddha Nature - One of Man's most Deceptive Inventions

"If we chose to carry something in our lives it should serve us and make us happy."

The above stated words came from a being who presents himself as a master of the 'Buddha Nature'. The statement also sounds like something a 'Buddha' or 'enlightened being would say' - at first glance the words sound 'profound', 'deep' and 'wise' as how people have always perceived 'the Buddha', though let us have a look at this statement within common sense, debunk it and see it for what it is.

Now, it is fascinating that all those 'zen masters' and so-called 'enlightened beings' are being respected and looked up to and we humans seem to often be 'blown away' by their apparent 'insight' and 'vision' when they speak such 'wise words' - though by using one simple equation that is applicable to everything and anything of this world, all of it can be exposed as the illusion/lie that it really is.

And that is the Equality Equation, wherein we have a look at whether an apparently profound and wise statement such as this one is able to be lived and applied by all beings equally - or is it yet another line spoken by Ego as Personal glorification, meant to 'uplift' the 'human spirit' as a hot air balloon wherein the words spoken are just that - Hot Air.

If we were to place ourselves in the shoes of every being in this reality, we may notice an interesting phenomenon with regards to this statement - and that is that only those who have the money to 'invest' in 'personal development, growth and enlightenment' are in fact able to more or less live by this statement. "If I choose to carry something in my life, it should serve me and make me happy" - it won't be easy to accept, but Buddha, just like any other 'wise' person who spoke such enlightened words, was just like us 'mere mortals' in that he only spoke from his personal 'experience' of life. He was personally able to experience happiness in his life, due to where he was born and the things he was introduced to by his environment as the 'chances' he got at 'achieving happiness'. However he has clearly not expanded his vision to the world around him as what is going on in this world, practically placing himself in the shoes of all other beings to find out for himself if this statement is truly applicable and liveable by all or is it merely determined by 'chance'.

And now you have these beings who are apparently attaining the 'Buddha Nature' and who then go around saying these type of things that make them sound so profound and wise, like Buddha - misguiding all others with their words by not having taken the time to investigate if what I am saying is truly what is best for all or only what is best for me as 'my enlightened spirit'. Because it is easy to think and believe that 'happiness' is attainable by everyone, and to then spread the word of happiness as the 'Buddha message' but it is another thing entirely to actually investigate the world for yourself and realize that 'happiness' and 'bliss' is in fact an illusion meant to keep you blind from what is really going on in the world. Because while you are feeling happy and blissful, believing that everything is right in the world and that you are a 'sentient being', apparently here to 'spread the message' of what is apparently 'the answer' - you're not realizing what the ground ruling factor is in this world that determines whether a being has a chance at happiness or no chance at all - and that factor is MONEY.

If you don't have any of it, then sorry - no happiness for you as you'll be too busy slaving your life away just to survive the day, and not sitting on a rock in the mountains somewhere meditating.

Happiness isn't going to save the world, it isn't going to do anything but give rich people an excuse to not in fact move themselves and truly change the world - as happiness has proven itself to be the most effective drug that puts people in a daze wherein they simply filter out the world and brainwash themselves into believing that the world is good because 'I feel good' and everyone should do and be like me - Happy. But no practical solution is being given that is physically effective in changing the physical world that is at the moment governed by money, because apparently the energy of happiness is just magically going to change everything.

To see what the world is made of and what makes it and us turn - investigation, research and introspection is needed, and not just opening your mouth saying one-liners that make you feel uplifted somehow without even fully understanding why exactly it is that this makes you feel uplifted and where this uplifting feeling comes from and whether or not it can actually be trusted.

At Desteni we do the proper research and we look at ourselves and reality within the Equality Equation, taking all of existence into consideration - so that we may take on the task to Change the world in fact. Not through pretty words, but through common sense and self honesty applied Daily.

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