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2011 No more International Woman's Day - Life in an EMS

No more International Woman's Day and for that matter no more Men's Day, Child's Day, Labor Day, Animal Day, and all other apparently 'special' days that we use to 'celebrate' something/someone in society - because the starting point of feeling the need to celebrate something or someone is to 'make people feel better about themselves' - which basically proves/indicates that they're not already ok.

In fact any form of 'celebration' wherein you get 'special attention' is all from the starting point of realizing that we live in a shit world system, and life is hell, so therefore we apparently need 'celebrations' to occasionally be able to feel good about ourselves and life. If anything those celebration days are only here to distract us from the reality as what is actually going on - it is here to give us the feeling that we 'matter', that we are 'important' to the system/world, when really we're quite insignificant.

So, as long as there are such a thing like 'holidays' and 'celebrations' and 'vacations' and as long as we participate in them - we will not question reality, we will not question the fact that life is pretty shitty because we work day in and day out for a system that can spit us out at any moment, we suffer from stress, depression, fear, anxiety, uncertainty and a lack of self esteem.
Though as long as we have these brief moments of 'fun' as exiting events like holidays, celebrations, and vacations to look forward to, we're not seeing what is currently here as the actual reality/situation that we find ourselves in, as we are only thinking about the future as what 'lies in store for us', when we can finally 'relax' and 'take a breather'.

Instead of realizing that this is actually not normal - the need for holidays and celebrations as 'momentary relaxing' is in fact not normal, because we should be relaxed 24/7 - life should be a celebration in every moment, because life is a present, a gift, not a prison camp.
The Capitalist system is in fact like a prison camp because it is entirely based on the principle of 'fighting for survival' wherein each one is actually on their own to make sure that they can survive, which then requires working every day, just to get that pay check - and the capitalist system as employers and companies as those who are truly benefiting from the current way of the world use the 'days of celebration' and 'holidays' to make sure that people don't actually notice what is going on, so that we don't notice that our lives look like that of slaves and we are living a slave's life.

In an Equal Money system, every day will be a celebration - because the EMS is community based instead of ego-based, this means that the EMS's primary objective is to not leave people to die and starve if they can't find a job, but to rather make life as enjoyable and fun for all as possible - so no more unnecessary labor for the sake of 'having a job and a pay check'. Each and every day will be 'day of the woman' and of the man, child, animal and earth - because that is really the only thing that actually matters, all life here, and the money system is completely secondary.

So another point that is unacceptable about the current existence of 'day of the woman', is that apparently the 'woman' gets one day in an entire year wherein they are apparently 'valued', which is completely crazy - why haven't we considered asking ourselves how it is possible that we as living beings are not valued in the system every day, because we are here, breathing, living - whereas 'the system' is but an idea kept 'alive' by human beings' participation in it.

It is time that we seriously consider a New World System, one that values life instead of Money - Investigate the Equal Money System

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