zaterdag 26 januari 2019

What does your face have to say about you?

Today I repeated an experiment I did a long time ago. In this post back in 2011 I took a photo of my face, cut it in half and mirrored both halves to create two entirely different faces. I did this because I noticed that when it came to the right and left side of my face, they looked different and I thought that doing this mirroring experiment would give me some insight into different parts of myself expressed within and through the different sides of my face. And boy did it ever!

Here's what the two mirrored images looked like (unfortunately I don't have the original photo that I took of my face anymore):

And here is what my face cut in half and mirrored on both sides looks like today:

What my face actually looks like:

The first obvious and interesting difference between these two sets of photo's is that the physical structure of the ones from 2011 doesn't actually look all that different, while those from today look shockingly different. Not to mention the difference in how I look overall between now and then!

The purpose of this experiment is that it's an exercise in reading yourself, getting to know yourself from a different perspective. I have found it to be a fun and supportive way to get deeper into your process of self-awareness, literally using what's 'in your face' to learn more about yourself.

Specifically what this exercise will show you is the two stories your face tells about you, of the way in which you on the one hand tend to sabotage yourself and how you on the other hand simultaneously can be your own solution.The structure of your face will tell you which traits you need to start nurturing in order to become who you really are on a beingness level.

If you'd like some support with reading yourself in your face and with seeing what your face has to say about you, email me at I do Body Connection sessions to assist individuals with tuning into themselves and learning more about who they are.

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