woensdag 27 maart 2013

2013 Psychology: How do we know if our self-image is real?

All judgment/interpretation/understanding with regards to 'reality' and 'who we are' in terms of 'good/bad', 'positive/negative', 'right/wrong', 'better/worse' or 'inferior/superior' is always subject to the 'eye of the beholder' as judgment is always personal opinion/experience based. Within this, the question of 'what is the 'truth'?' is invalid as long as the 'truth' is defined within judgments about reality that are made in the mind of the individual. A valid question would be 'what is Reality/Real?' - where we look at what it is that can actually be trusted by all, which is for instance the physical laws that bind us all here on earth --- and 'self-image' is not a part of the physical reality, as it only exist in the mind of the individual.

What is fascinating within this is how 'humanity' - in how we have built 'relationships' between each other based on judgment, and how we have come to collectively accept these judgments within and as the 'mind' to be 'real'/'truth' - has essentially been living a complete 'lie'/'illusion', losing all touch with what is in fact actually real as the pure, simple, physical laws/constructs --- and thus have placed itself in a constant uncertainty/doubt/search with regards to 'who we are' and 'what is real' as the 'judgments' that we've used to define reality and ourselves do not stand stable like the physical reality, as they constantly change dependent on the 'eye/mind of the beholder'.

Thus, the only way to know/see what is in fact 'real'/'truth' is to stop trusting the mind and to investigate what is physically here in and as this world.
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