zaterdag 28 september 2019

Tormod Colors

 Beingness Color:

 Color expression:

Straightforward movement, seeing the simplicity of things and moving/expressing self within and as that simplicity. Seeing/cutting straight through to the heart of things - bypassing any and all of what the mind conjects and conjures up which tends to over-complicate things and makes things seem more complex than they really are. Not hearing, listening to or paying any heed to the mind's attempts to create 'more' out of what is simply here as reality.

A firm standing within oneself, feet planted firmly onto and within the ground. Very down-to-earth and grounded. Not easily swayed or influenced by the mind's tendency to create illusions, distortions and additions to reality. A clear grasp of what's real and a very 'no-nonsense' expression, movement and standing of oneself.

Mind polar opposite:

The point would then be to essentially get lost into all sorts of mind programmings - like doubt, uncertainty, lingering, then judgment, blame, etcetera - to get sidetracked from the actual 'heart of things' , from what's real and what matters which is for instance to just physically move yourself and do the garden work - from the simplicity of reality as physical movement

sS essentially it looks like your mind polar opposite is to go into 'complexity' of and as the mind, as your beingness expression is in fact the reverse of that as simplicity.

I mean with you having schizophrenia as having multiple 'minds' it's like you are living the epitome of complexity in and as the mind.

External support:  living room cupboard (how I direct the things inside me)

 Support Color:

 Color Expression:

The depth of the ocean where everything is silent and still within and as the eternal stillness of self. The awareness and understanding that life is birthed from that stillness and that self must first return to that stillness. Realizing that self-expression exists within and as the stillness of self and that stillness is cultivated and developed through physical labor - being more in the body than in the mind.

External support: Dining room table (my self-stability)

Color you're living now:

New Expression Color:

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